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“A significant number of signatories is filled with the same manuscript, even signed with the same manuscript,” the minister said, adding that they were accepted if the names and surnames and December 2018 Calendar Telugu the corresponding OIB were correct on them He also asserted that a large number of identical signatures clearly indicated in the reasonable doubt that the same data were used illegally in both cases .

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All noted irregularities have indicated that the Law on Referendum has a lot of shortcomings, it needs to be improved in order to enable a better and better realization of the constitutional right of citizens to pronounce themselves directly in a referendum, “Kuscevic announced, announcing legal changes next year.

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He invited all interested civil society initiatives and associations to express their interest in the control of incorrect signatures to the Ministry of Administration. According to the journalist question whether there is an opportunity for the initiative to sue the government if they consider it to be lawful or discriminated, Kuscevic replied that “everyone can sue anyone if he thinks he is damaged and it is up to the court to assess whether this will be considered.”

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After a very successful first edition, for the next two months in Zagreb will be held a new, second in line edition of RTL’s Digital Shapers. The goal, like last year, is to gather numerous participants in digital transformation, to show the best examples from practice and to present concrete solutions for companies. That’s why, on this occasion, prominent domestic and foreign experts will speak on the most current topics and developments in digital processes. The conference will be held on November 29 at Kaptol Boutique Cinema from 10 to 17 hours.

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Digital transformation or the fourth industrial revolution is aware of the change in the way business is done with the help of digital technologies, and is still one of the key topics of the modern economy. It inter alia influences the efficiency of the process, increases transparency of data and helps companies strengthen their position in the market.”The world at the global level is going through a series of changes caused by digitization, and we realize that a serious transformation of the media, the economy and the whole society is inevitable.

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The second in a series of Digital Shapers conference, we want to continue to contribute to discussing the digital transformation in Croatia, pointing to successful Croatian examples, and at the same time allowing domestic companies and individuals to learn from examples of great international speakers and experts and to connect with them, said Henning Tewes, CEO of RTL Croatia.

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Alex Zagreb, one of the founders of the marketing agency, Officer & Gentleman, is best known for working for promotional campaigns for Pornhub for years, followed by Vidar Andresen, the digital transformation guru, a domestic audience since last year already December 2018 Calendar Telugu a famous digital strategist Evangelos Papathanassiou and other prominent experts.This year, as part of the conference, Digital Shaper Year, a person or company that has contributed to the digitization and change of Croatia by its work, will be selected.

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The quality assurance takes place under the microscope, so fine are the tools. On the other hand, repairs to aircraft turbines or gearbox mechanics are a bit stronger – and LASERVORM also develops and December 2018 Calendar Spanish manufactures solutions for them. The machines from LASERVORM allow the local hardening of certain components or areas, which is technologically particularly demanding in contrast to conventional hardening. The performance of the laser machines is up to 6 million times that of a conventional laser pointer.

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That’s why the machines are equipped with special filter discs. Friendly employees will be happy to see how their machines work when they walk around the hall. Thomas Kimme greets here with a smile, inquires there after the health, in the corridor are stacked 20 boxes of water, which can drink the staff for free. You can feel that the climate is right here.

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Thomas Kimme appreciates his employees and knows: “Only through the hard work of our people we could grow so continuously, healthy and organic. If I want to feel good at work, then I would like to have the same for my employees. “In order for this growth – for the company and for the region – to continue to have good ground in the future, Thomas Kimme is strongly committed to the next generation. For this he was honored with the Oskar School Economy.

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“The education and career of young people is very important to me personally,” says the entrepreneur. “When a teacher comes to me and wants to visit our company with his students, I always like to say yes.” So it is also a great pleasure for him that his four children all went in a technical direction.

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Two are mechanical engineers, the daughter is active in medical technology, the second oldest has just obtained a doctorate in physics. “I would have offered him a job with us, but my son said, ‘Father, I’d first like to prove myself somewhere else!'” The 53-year-old can therefore look calmly on company succession. As a father, he is happy that all four children stayed here and have found an interesting career entry in the region.

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“We have to offer our young people a future here, and I can say from my own experience: they exist! Mittelsachsen is characterized by a valuable variety of leading technology companies that offer exciting and versatile world-class tasks. “Just like LASERVORM from Altmittweida. ABB’s cutting-edge technology from Switzerland in global operationSustainable energy supply is essential because of the global megatrends that are necessitating adaptation and expansion of the infrastructure worldwide.

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There are basically two prerequisites for this: a decoupling of economic growth and increasing energy demand as well as a decoupling of increasing energy demand and environmentally harmful emissions. On the one hand, this means December 2018 Calendar Spanish  significantly higher energy efficiency and, on the other hand, the increasing use of renewable energies. Both have enormous potential. As a leading technology company in the power and automation industries, ABB helps to make the most efficient use of energy, including in infrastructure projects around the world.

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“Policymakers should work to open up the Chinese market to avoid such imbalances.” Targeted investment in key companies and infrastructure in Germany could give Chinese companies, and December 2018 Calendar To Print thus the People’s Republic, leverage, while, conversely, this is not possible the IW in the study. In addition, as a result of increasing takeovers, Germany could lose more and more technologies and knowledge to the Chinese.

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“Above all, the one-sided transfer of know-how can become a critical factor for Germany as a business location,” believes Rusche. “The economic growth Grown in Central Saxony – that applies to LASERVORM in Altmittweida one hundred percent. “I started according to the classic founding myth in the garage, so to speak.That was in 1994, “says founder and owner Thomas Kimme. Today, the father of four grown-up children employs almost 50 people, a third of whom are engineers, many of whom studied in nearby Mittweida.

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That was in 1994, “says founder and owner Thomas Kimme. Today, the father of four grown-up children employs almost 50 people, a third of whom are engineers, many of whom studied in nearby Mittweida. Growing up in Central Saxony – this is true of LASERVORM in Old Mittweida. “I started according to the classic founding myth in the garage, so to speak.

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“That’s one of the reasons why we settled here in Central Saxony,” emphasizes the laser specialist.”I deliberately looked for proximity to the Mittweida Laser Center. It is unique in Germany and enjoys an international reputation. The Mittweidaers were among the first to research and teach lasers more than 40 years ago. “Kimme also took his first professional steps at the Mittweida University after working in Chemnitz and Erlangen, where he himself worked in laser research.

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“A big advantage of the region is that as an entrepreneur, I do not have to look far to find suitable partners. Around Mittweida, a highly specialized laser cluster has formed, and the ‘all around’ is well catered for – from turned and milled parts to metal sheets for machine housings and machine frames. We benefit from decades of working partnerships that you can rely on all around.

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Behind every tree a high-tech company “- with this saying Thomas Kimme likes to characterize the economic structure of the region. Only: “The economy in central Saxony is very small-scale. We do not have the big lighthouses everyone knows. This lack of awareness often makes it difficult to get the kids excited about the region. But the small companies in many niches are the best in the world.

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“Many of the big boys could not do it without the little ones, or, as Thomas Kimme puts it,” The big ones in the world need the little ones to be great. “LASERVORM also supplies them very big ones December 2018 Calendar To Print who like use technological innovations from the outside. Thomas Kimmes machines, which are in use worldwide, manufacture tools and implants for minimally invasive surgery, heart and brain surgery. Hardly anyone else is capable of drawing 50 micrometer-thin welds, such as those needed on such products.

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Starting in 2005, Chinese investors systematically abandoned the strategy of primarily copying and luring investors into their own country, and began looking beyond their own borders for companies that December 2018 Calendar Editable fit into the desired technology portfolio. In that year, a total of nine transactions were announced.ALSO READ (FILES) This file was taken on November 23, 2016 shows a cigarette in front of an advertisement showing the skyline of Shanghai.

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Tuxedo-related diseases claim to be 200 million lives in China this century and many of them into poverty, a report said on April 14. / AFP PHOTO / Johannes EISELEOPEN MARKETST he dangerous schizophrenia of the Chinese Germany is not a crucial shopping market for the People’s Republic. But after all, Chinese investors have wholly or partially taken over 196 German companies. In most cases, they secure themselves mainly small companies from the mechanical engineering and the automotive industry.

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Pharmaceutical companies and the renewable energy sector are also increasingly becoming the takeover target.Great advantages for the domestic economy.The figures estimated by the IW for the past year are a minimum. Since most of the investments themselves are too small to be published in the press or the Federal Gazette, the actual sum should be even higher. The consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) comes from 11.6 billion euros, a good 20 times as much as in 2015 and more than in all previous years together.

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Three deals alone suggest after the EY investigation together with more than seven billion euros to book: the acquisition of the Augsburg industry Kuka (4.6 billion), Munich-based engineering firm KraussMaffei (1.0 billion), and EEW (1.6 billion), a waste incineration specialist headquartered in Helmstedt, Lower Saxony.

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Kuka at the world’s biggest industrial fair, Hanover, Germany April 24, 2017. REUTERS / Fabian BimmerA Kuka robot at Hannover MesseSource: REUTERSFinancial power from the Far East may sound threatening at times, but in the opinion of the IW, it currently has great advantages for the local economy. “In the past, Chinese investment has often flowed into troubled companies or companies seeking to expand and expand their markets,” says Rusche. As examples of the first case, he mentions the insolvent companies Conergy (Solar) and Thielert (Aircraft Engines), both of which were partially or wholly acquired in 2013.

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One oft-cited flagship project for the second case is ]the concrete pump manufacturer Putzmeister, the Sany acquired Chinese Market opened up. “Although Chinese companies are accessing cutting-edge technology, they also secure and create many jobs in Germany,” says Rusche. “All in all, therefore, the positive aspects of Chinese involvement outweigh the positive aspects.” China has to continue to open up, but that is still the case – this is also emphasized by the IW.

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“One flaw of the Faroese takeovers is the fact that Chinese policymakers often have their fingers in the game – while at the December 2018 Calendar Editable same time slowing down investment in their own country,” warns Rusche. Source: Infografik Die WeltThis will distort competition, as Chinese companies can more easily take over their German competitors with state aid and trust that Beijing will protect them in case of doubt about acquisitions.

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For a long time it was the German companies that invested in China and rolled up the local market. The People’s Republic served as a sales region and extended workbench at the same time. But now December 2018 Calendar Singapore the Chinese have long since turned the tables. The acquisition was finally banned because Aixtron’s products are used by the defense industry.

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In 2015, Chinese investors invested more than four times as much capital in the overseas acquisition of foreign companies as the other way around. In Germany, Chinese investors invested more than ten billion euros and acquired 39 companies last year, according to research by the Institute of German Business in Cologne (IW) – a new record.Source: Infographic The World.

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At first, investors from China had not been taken seriously, and then the high-net-worth investors were welcome. Meanwhile, they are scary to many in this country. Because the shopping trip is taking on an ever greater scale. The Federal Government is currently examining whether it will be able to check at least part of the company takeovers in advance. So far, this allows foreign trade law only to a very limited extent.

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Access to German know-how.Although the federal government does not want to regulate too much. “We have a free and open market. But we are also not naive, “said Federal Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries recently the” World on Sunday “. The fear of a “sell-out of the German middle class” and an outflow of important know-how is reversed.

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Because it’s not about investing money, but about the procedures or patents of German companies, it is usually when Chinese investors go on a shopping spree. “Chinese investors are securing German know-how through the acquisitions and are entering new markets,” says IW researcher Christian Rusche, author of the study “Activities of Chinese Investors in Germany”. Because the state and party leadership has ambitious plans, they want China to take over the technological leadership in the ranks of the industrialized countries by 2050. And the necessary knowledge can be bought – through acquisitions.

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At the same time, the Chinese government is making use of foreign investment in order to develop the domestic economy in a targeted manner. To this end, investments abroad are encouraged or even undertaken. One example of this is the Grand Chip Investment consortium, which last year attempted to swallow German chip maker Aixtron. The consortium involved Xiamen Local Government and a Chinese entrepreneur. That the deal broke was at the veto of the US government, which put pressure on Berlin.

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Aixtron is facing an uncertain future display For the Aixtron owners, an entry of the Chinese would have been the hoped-for liberation strike. The company made good sales of light emitting diode (LED) equipment between 2007 and 2011 when December 2018 Calendar Singapore the market collapsed and Aixtron wrote losses. Now that the Chinese are out of the game, the company faces an uncertain future. Last year saw an operating loss (Ebit) of 21.4 million euros. Fresh money from China would have come just right.

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The last Ike Škomrlj swim will be held in the circle of the family, note, and the commemoration was scheduled on October 22 at 2 pm in the foothold of the Zagreb National Theater. The interlocutors December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay will be interviewed by the intendant Dubravka Vrgoč, the president of ULUPUH, Ivana Bakal, the theatrologist Martina Petranović, and the choreographer and director Milko Šparemblek.

December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay 

Ika Škrlj marks the history of not only Croatian costumes of the second half of the 20th century but also the history of the Croatian theater, culture, according to ULUPUH. It was completed in 1932 in Zagreb, where in 1956 he finished his studies at the Academy of Theater Art. From the first costumes he performed at the end of the fifties to date, he realized several hundred costumes in all major Croatian theaters, especially in Zagreb’s CNC, but also in other (ZGK Komedija, DK Gavella, ITD Theater, Histrion Association, Lapsus Theater … ) and at the theaters in Varaždin, Osijek, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik.

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Several costumes have also been made abroad (New York, Lisbon, Naples). “They particularly noted her costumes of a large ensemble of performances in national theater houses, but she also successfully collaborated with independent and experimental theater groups.

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With openness and diversity, her opus in us is comparable to little with other costumographic opus, moreover it has proved equally sovereign in costumes for drama and opera, as well as for ballet or dance performances of classical and modern motifs, “says ULUPUH.

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They added a number of anthology costumes such as opera bands’ Nikola Šubić Zrinjski ‘in Spaićeva and Habunekov, Dolenčić’s direction, for the rock opera’ Gubec-beg ‘, for numerous ballet and dance performances such as’ Labuđe jezero’, ‘ Orasar, Trnoružica, Love and Death, Amadeus monumentum or Karmina Krležiana, as well as a series of dramatic performances such as Zagreb’s “Kralj Gordogan” and “Cyrano”, Dubrovnik’s ‘Skupa’ and ‘Koriolana’ or the Rijeka ‘Homicide in the Cathedral’.December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay Printable December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay Word


She also co-wrote the costumes for TV (‘Prosjaci i sinovi’) and the film (‘The Society of Pheromones’, ‘The Hussein’, ‘Glembajevi’, ‘Foursquare’) and the design of military uniforms. He has performed numerous costumes in a long-standing artistic partnership with costume designer Dianom Kosec Bourek and collaborating with numerous young artists has played an important pedagogical role in costume designer education and educated a number of Croatian costumes of different generations and author profiles, essentially contributing to the design of contemporary costume design their costumes were often an important point in the visual identity of the play.

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And also a kind of code for defining the underlying idea on which the performance was based, and they often made significant interpretative moves both in the meaning plan and in the December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay  technique of fabrication or manual fabrication. Kostimima Ike Škrlj’s criticism was sometimes intimidated, sometimes disappointed, but almost never against them was indifferent, and so by doing so Ika Škrlj did much to achieve a better understanding and valorisation of costimographic work, “they quote from ULUPUH and add that her a rich creative work featured in the monograph.

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Recall last year’s recognition by the prestigious jury, in which the management and other relevant participants in the digital transformation in Croatia were received, Infobip received from December 2018 Calendar Marathi Vodnjan, today the biggest Croatian software company, founded in 2006 by Silvio Kutic and Izabel Jelenić.Tickets will be sold through the Entrio system next week, and their early bird price by November 1 is 490 kuna.

December 2018 Calendar Marathi

All information about the conference is available on the official website of the Digital Shapers and Facebook page. Valletta offered Bolt a two-year contract, however the fastest man in the world refused the offer.’There is great interest in Usaina. They send us similar offers. I can only confirm that Usain will not continue his career in Malta, “said Bolt’s manager Ricky Sims.Ghasston Slimen’s executive director accepted Bolt’s decision, but did not close the door to his club’s arrival.

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“We want Bolt a successful football career. “If we change our offer, it’s on the table,” Slimen said. Bolt is currently in Australia where he is in the Central Coast Mariners Test and in his last friendly match scored two goals in a 4-0 victory against Macarthur South West.The club is now silent about whether to offer 32-year-old Jamaica a professional contract, and the season begins this weekend.

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If he now signed the contract Bolt would not have the right to perform until January next year.Mariners coach Mike Mulvey at the last press conference did not want to answer the questions about Bolt, saying he was not involved in the negotiations.The greatest sprinter of all time during his career has won eight gold medals and 11 gold at world championships.

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December 2018 Calendar Marathi With Holiday

He is the owner of the world records at 100 (9.58) and 200 meters (19.19), and Bolt is the first athlete to break both world records on short tracks in the same Olympic Games and the first since Carla Lewis in 1984, who won Gold at the same Olympic Games in races of 100 and 200 meters.He left one of the best athletes of all time at the World Championship in London in August 2017 and has since been trying to become a professional footballer.

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The Vladimir Nazor Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theater art.And ULUPUH awarded her the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.”She was a great artist, model, mentor and teacher of numerous costume designers, an energetic fighter for the profession and rights of theatrical and visual artists, a true friend.

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In addition to all her many years of artistic work, Ika Škomrlj was also active in ULUPUH governing bodies, and a long-standing member of the Arts Council of the Section for Theater and Film. The December 2018 Calendar Marathi departure of Ike Škomrlj is an irreplaceable loss for our Association, “said ULUPUH. With the departure of Ike Škomrlj, the Croatian theater and Croatian applied art were left without one of their most important representatives,” they say from ULUPUH, adding that the famous costume designer in 2003 won the highest state award for culture and art.

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“I always thought that t rebate two or more years for negotiations between the EU and the UK on an agreement that will cover everything from the economy to trade December 2018 Calendar South Africa and security, “Varadkar said, warning that this longer transitional period should not be considered an alternative to the security network regarding the border .

December 2018 Calendar South Africa

For each of the three referendum questions related to changes in electoral legislation and the cancellation of the Istanbul Convention, more than 40 thousand invalid signatures were handed over, including double signatures, non-existent OIBs, deceased and unaccounted, as well as the signatures of persons were not.

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Croatian nationals, said Kuscevic at a press conference by presenting the Report on the number and credibility of the collected signatures and the legality of their collection process. “Analyzing all the irregularities we have found in these initiatives, I personally think that there are elements of criminal responsibility for forging signatures and misuse of personal data .

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“He said the move by the Croatian People’s Party (HNS), which today filed a criminal complaint against DORH against the organizers of civil initiatives in order to establish criminal responsibility and sanctioned everyone who participated in the OIB’s injuries of deceased persons and foreign citizens, as well as those who copied lists with the last referendum on marriage.Kuscevic said that now the move to the police and DORH is to investigate it. The APIS company counted and checked nearly a million and 200 thousand signatures, and in determining their credibility, it was important.

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Among other things, that the signatory is located in the voter register on the last day of collection of the signature on May 27, 2018, that the name of the signatory with the associated OIB was clearly and clearly stated, without crossing and replenishing. The signed signed in March 2018, “The truth about Istanbul” handed over 44,974 incorrect signatures , and the report states that among them there were 8000 double signatures, 2594 signatures of persons who are not in the register of voters of the Republic of Croatia, 428 persons did not have much at the time of collecting signatures, 158 .

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Signatories did not have Croatian citizenship, 240 persons died before the signing of the signature collection, and 33,554 signatures were found to be incorrect because the personal name on the signature list does not correspond to the personal name in the voter register, the incorrect OIB was entered, etc. ” People decide “for the first referendum question on By amending the electoral legislation, 40,875 incorrect signatures were submitted: 7488 double signatures, 1844 non-existent OIBs, 365 signed persons were not adult, and the youngest signer was born in March 2018, 332 persons were not .

December 2018 Calendar South Africa Template December 2018 Calendar South Africa Printable

Croatian citizens at all, 120 were deceased, and 30,726 signatures were found to be incorrect. For the second issue, which concerned the decision of minority representatives in the Parliament, 40,666 invalid December 2018 Calendar South Africa signatures were submitted: 7,443 double signatures, 1807 non-existent OIBs, 354 non-regular rooms, 321 signatures did not have Croatian citizenship, 115 died, and 30,626 signatures were found to be invalid for other reasons.

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OECD urges Germany to invest more 13:39: The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has called on Germany to invest more in fundamental structural reforms. The OECD included new technologies, transport infrastructure, the development Blank December 2018 Calendar of full-day care in kindergartens and schools and the further education of employees. “More needs to be done now to ensure that today’s strong economic and social outcomes are maintained and extended to all,” said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría on Tuesday in Berlin.

Blank December 2018 Calendar

Given Germany’s strong fiscal position, there is room for more investment in the short term. In this context, the OECD also referred to the high German trade surplus. This has also been repeatedly sharply criticized by US President Donald Trump. The OECD presents Germany in its new economic report on the whole a good report. Economic growth is robust, mainly due to strong domestic demand and strong exports. Gurría also praised Germany as a “bulwark” in defense of multilateral organizations. The background is the trade conflict between the US and the EU.

Blank December 2018 Calendar Word Blank December 2018 Calendar Word Excel

The OECD nonetheless sees action in central areas. Germany must do more to open up better career opportunities for women. This would increase overall productivity and reduce the risk of poverty. Germany needed to make more use of new technologies. For example, the auction of 5G mobile networks should be used to promote competition in the mobile market. The demand for high-speed broadband services could also be boosted.

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Leoni wants to continue to grow with a € 750 million loan.12.28 pm: Despite upcoming technological upheavals in the automotive industry, the Nuremberg wiring systems and cable manufacturer Leoni wants to continue growing. The auto parts supplier has now laid the basis for this with a 750 million euro loan. A contract with a consortium of eight banks has a term of at least five years and is the sum of the previous individual loans, a company spokesman said on Tuesday.Blank December 2018 Calendar Printable Blank December 2018 Calendar PDF

The new loan gives the company scope for further organic growth and acquisitions. Concrete company takeovers are currently not on, assured the company spokesman. Nevertheless, the automotive and industrial suppliers are exploring the market for technologically interesting companies that could complement the Leoni know-how.

Blank December 2018 Calendar Free Blank December 2018 Calendar Excel

In particular, companies that deal with simulation and data analysis would be eligible for acquisitions. In the future, such know-how will be in demand for cable systems in the context of Industry 4.0. These will in future be required, for example, to promptly report on upcoming maintenance at an early stage.British unemployment continues to be low – wages are rising more slowly10.51 am: The British labor market remains robust, but with weaker wage growth.

Blank December 2018 Calendar Editable Blank December 2018 Calendar Blank

Unemployment remained at a low level in April, while wages grew slightly weaker. The unemployment rate remained unchanged in the three months to April 4.2 percent, as the statistics office ONS announced on Tuesday in London. This is the lowest rate since 1975. Analysts Blank December 2018 Calendar had expected the development. Weekly wages and salaries increased by 2.8 percent excluding bonuses until April. This is 0.1 percentage points less than in the previous section. Including bonus payments, wage growth also weakened slightly.

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PHOTO: HBOHerr Metzinger, in Japanese hotels are already considered humanoid robots Concierges, US companies have recently introduced a new generation of sex dolls that can speak December 2018 Calendar Cute and respond to touch. DisplayDisplayIn areas where humans interact with machines, we will increasingly experience such humanoid-looking interfaces.

December 2018 Calendar Cute

Although this is only a small part of robotics, as far as these anthropomorphic interfaces are concerned, the technology is now very far. In the lab we can measure your head in 20 minutes and create a photorealistic avatar from the data, we can give it a look-through movement and emotional facial expressions. If we steal audio data from your phone, it can even speak like you. In video telephony, your avatar would be indistinguishable from you.

December 2018 Calendar Cute Word December 2018 Calendar Cute Template

For years they have been dealing with the image that man has of himself and designs. As a neuroethicist, do you see problems when our ticketing machines soon look like counter-officers? I’m afraid these humanoid robots will in most cases serve consumer manipulation. After all, the robot will analyze your facial expressions and begin to understand: Is the customer bored? What does he want to hear, and what can the machine use?

December 2018 Calendar Cute Printable December 2018 Calendar Cute With Holiday

We have so-called mirror neurons in the brain. When a person smiles at you, they mimic that with their facial muscles. This can be used to influence. Human-like robots disguise that they are primarily committed to the interests of their programmers, not ours. Just as Google’s algorithm optimizes its hits not for the users, but for its advertisers. If you find a machine involuntarily nice, then you might book an upgrade because it smiles so contagious. But I know I’m dealing with a robot. Maybe not cht.

December 2018 Calendar Cute PDF December 2018 Calendar Cute Free

Humanoid robots trigger something within us, what I call “social hallucinations”. We humans have the capacity to imagine we are dealing with a self-confident counterpart, even if that is not the case. There are precursors of this: Children and primitive peoples often believe in an inspired nature. When the computer spins, we roar at it. Other people love their car or miss their cell phone.Thomas MetzingerThomas Metzinger, 59, is in an office at the University of Mainz.

December 2018 Calendar Cute Free Printable December 2018 Calendar Cute Excel

Metzinger is head of the Theoretical Philosophy Department, is Director of the MIND Group and the Neuroethics Research Center. From 2005 to 2007 he was President of the Society for Cognitive Science. His focus is the exploration of human consciousness. Metzinger says that we have neither a self nor a soul, but only a “self-model” in our heads that we do not experience as a model.

December 2018 Calendar Cute Blank December 2018 Calendar Cute Editable

A theory that he makes intelligible in the book “The ego tunnel” (Piper) even for laymen.Current Stock-News-News 89,00 EUR -0,15 (-0,17%) Xetra1 Tag6 months Henkel – Finanzen100For the price data According to Henkel’s presentation, CFO Carsten Knobel December 2018 Calendar Cute attended the event g reaffirmed the forecast for organic growth this year of 2 to 4 percent, as well as the projected earnings per share (EPS) of 5 to 8 percent. By 2020, the adjusted operating margin (EBIT) should also be steadily increased.