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” About MindArk PE AB MindArk PE AB, founded in Sweden in April 2003, is a pioneer in the creation of virtual worlds. MindArk develops, supports and monitors the features of Entropia Universe®, the January 2019 Calendar Spanish most secure real-money virtual universe, and ensures smooth gameplay. Entropia Universe was launched in 2003 and today has over 615,000 registered participants.

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Since 2004, the company is in the black. MindArk provides users the software for Entropia Universe free of charge. There will be no registration fees or monthly fees. Further information can be found at www.entropiauniverse.com, where the software for Entropia Universe is also available for free download. For more information about MindArk, the developer of Entropia Universe, visit www.mindark.com.

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About Crytek GmbH Crytek GmbH (“Crytek”) is a developer of interactive consumer electronics with Based in Frankfurt am Main and additional studios in Kiev, Ukraine, and Budapest, Hungary. Crytek developed the first-person shooter “Far Cry®”, which received numerous awards and in a sense heralded the next generation of first-person shooters, and will soon launch the blockbuster game “Crysis®”.

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Crytek is committed to the development of exceptional high quality PC video games and future gaming console designs based on CryENGINE 2®, the company’s industry-leading 3D gaming technology. Many of these ideas have changed the world forever. That is what the Stuttgart TV Tower stands for: Once it was the first of its kind, today its design idea shapes the skylines from Seattle to Shanghai. Changing the world with an idea from Stuttgart – that’s what we want at Stay.

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Because Stay is taking a completely new approach to international development cooperation: Instead of relying on foreign aid workers, we rely on native development heroes. These are social entrepreneurs * and founders * in Africa, who know best the needs in their home country and who want to permanently overcome poverty with their own ideas and projects. So we support a development that stays.

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Do you want to be part of this change? Donate now: In the coming weeks, the Stay team will distribute the postcard shown in Stuttgart to show you the different ways you can help us with this mission. Paleo Entertainment, a new independent development studio based in San Diego, California, announced today that it has begun development of an original FPS game called “Merchants of Brooklyn,” the new CryENGINE 2® Middleware is supported by Crytek. “Before licensing the CryENGINE 2® for our new project,” said Troy Latimer, president of Paleo Entertainment, “we carefully looked at all our options and concluded that no other engine is the kind of AAA-quality game that we were able to develop, and that no other toolsets were as advanced / user-friendly as those offered by the CryENGINE 2.

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The combination of the best rendering and physics engine of available middleware and the powerful Sandbox 2 editor [TM] was the deciding factor that led us to choose to license Crytek’s technology January 2019 Calendar Spanish rather than develop an engine ourselves or license a third-party product, and with this agreement in place, we can immediately begin prototyping our game and we are one hundred percent sure that the engine can handle all we need and us at the same time.

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Undoubtedly, China has the potential to play a formative role in international relations and will do its utmost to achieve it in the years and decades to come. Head of State and January 2019 Calendar To Print Party Xi Jinping has made it clear in his “Chinese Dream”, presented in 2013, that China wants to take on a position in the world that is commensurate with its significance.

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It is therefore to be expected that the People’s Republic will continue to defend its interests in the future, as well as with greater severity. At the same time, however, faced with its internal weaknesses and external vulnerabilities, China is interested in avoiding dangerous confrontations, especially with the US.

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Even if China remains at first fixated on itself and its inner development, it is closely related to its international environment , On the one hand, it is changing China, but on the other, China is also changing the world. No global problem can be solved without Beijing; their continued reliance on a stable world order demands of the People’s Republic of their own interest to follow at least a fundamental set of international norms.

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China is a difficult but at the same time indispensable partner of the established powers in shaping a stable international order. State-of-the-art game engine CryENGINE 2® gives real world the safest virtual universe in the world Entropia Universe, the safest virtual world to play for real money, has developed “Far Cry®” with the German game development company Crytek, and soon “Crysis ® “, a license agreement for the use of the world’s leading graphics engine CryENGINE 2® signed.

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CryENGINE 2® will make Entropia Universe the most realistic mass multiplayer online community game ever. The transition to an Entropia Universe platform based on this new technology is expected to be completed by mid-2008. This will then be available to all partners of Entropia Universe.Jan Welter Timkrans, CEO of MindArk PE AB, said: “The basis for the improved version of Entropia Universe is the spectacular features of CryENGINE 2®, which will provide Entropia participants with a unique experience and take them into a virtual world, such as.

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This will lead to synergies between the safe and proven cash economics of Entropia, on which this virtual world is built, the framework, namely the colonization of a new planet, and the very lifelike visual presentation of CryENGINE 2®.Having seen what this engine can do, we immediately realized that this software was made for Entropia, as both MindArk and Crytek are pioneers in their respective fields, “continued Jan Welter Timkrans. Avry Yerli, Managing Director of Crytek, adds, “We are delighted to partner with such a renowned and successful industry leader as MindArk to provide the future Entropia.

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Universe engine, and we believe that our CryENGINE 2® technology Together with MindArk’s hugely popular virtual game world, players can experience a completely new gaming experience of unsurpassed realism, and countless new players will be immersed January 2019 Calendar To Print in the amazingly realistic graphics, the true-to-life environment, and the compelling animations provided by the award-winning CryENGINE software 2® and some of the latest PC hardware achievements and the latest operating systems.

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However, projects such as the aircraft carrier program, the development of modern anti-ship weapons, the development of a conventional and nuclear submarine fleet, the in-service position of January 2019 Calendar Editable modern intercontinental ballistic missiles and not least the space activities in the US and its Asian neighbors to worry China’s possible hegemonic aspirations, however, are unlikely to serve as a means of far-reaching power projection for the foreseeable future – and China does not expect it to do so.

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Despite considerable increases, the defense budget has remained constant at between 1.5 and 2 percent of the gross domestic product for years, and even the most modern elements of the Chinese armed forces are clearly inferior in quality and quantity, not only to US but also to Japanese and Taiwanese capabilities. In addition, China’s economy depends on long and vulnerable trade routes through the Indian Ocean and Malacca Straits.

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These would not be protected in the event of a conflict escalation by the Chinese armed forces, but would be quickly blocked by the US and its allies. The ports (co) built by China in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Djibouti are primarily supply points, not strategic military bases. Moreover, China has no allies who would, if necessary, engage in an armed conflict at its side and has no practical experience in conducting complex military operations.

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China’s military options, along with its constructive engagement in the international fight against piracy in the Horn of Africa and participation in UN Blue Helmets, are therefore essentially limited to the internal agenda, the external borders, the Taiwan issue and, if need be, the island spit.If China has created considerable capabilities for rejecting possible US intervention in relation to the latter fields – as an effective means of supraregional power projection, the People’s Republic should continue to focus on its economic rather than military power.

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Foreign Policy Fields of Action In its external relations, China steps on both sides at the regional as well as the global level, above all as an economic and commercial power.Its foreign trade volume of more than $ 4 trillion in 2014 represented more than 40 percent of China’s GDP. The high share of exports (2.34 trillion US dollars) underlines China’s dependence on its customers. At the same time, with imports worth nearly $ 2 trillion, China is a major demand market for energy and raw materials, but also for European and, not least, top German technology.

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Regionally, China is represented in a number of important but rather loose agreements and organizations, such as the Shanghai Organization for Cooperation (SOZ), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the various formats around the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) such as the ASEAN .

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Regional Forum (ARF) or ASEAN + 1 (ASEAN + China) and ASEAN + 3 (China, Japan and South Korea) and finally the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) launched in 2010. These January 2019 Calendar Editable primarily economic coalitions provide some sort of compensation for the widespread lack of regional forums for security cooperation, which could, for example, negotiate territorial disputes that China continues to wring out with some of its fourteen neighbors.

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With China, China has the Forum on China-Africa in 2000 Cooperation (FOCAC), which, with four ministerial January 2019 Calendar Singapore conferences to be held on a triennium basis so far, provides the framework for a – in practice, in turn – strongly bilateral co-operation with virtually all African countries.

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While in the US and Europe, but also in Africa itself is sometimes spoken of a new colonialism with Chinese characteristics, China refers to its – quite considerable – commitment in African development cooperation. With the European Union (EU), since 2004, the People’s Republic maintains a ” Strategic Partnership “, meets annually for joint summits with the heads of state and government of the EU Member States and maintains a human rights dialogue with the Union.

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However, China is very limited in perceiving the EU as a real player in the international system, and uses the multiple fault lines between European countries to build bilateral relations with individual Member States favorable to China. China has its own strategic partnerships with some of them (such as Germany and France); In the German case, this was expanded in 2010 to include the instrument of joint government consultations, most recently held in Berlin in October 2014.

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A high interdependence also characterizes the relationship with the US, the most important benchmark of Chinese foreign policy. With imports of more than $ 500 billion (2013), the US is still the single most important consumer of Chinese products ahead of the EU. Its huge trade surpluses with the US repeatedly puts China in US bonds. In doing so, the People’s Republic is financing the US budget deficits and at the same time ensuring liquidity for the US banking sector, which then grants loans to US consumers so that they can buy Chinese products.

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Despite this close interdependence, both countries face each other with undisguised mistrust of their respective strategic interests. The US sees the only real challenge to its global supremacy in the People’s Republic, conversely, China fears that the US could slow down its further rise through a containment policy. “Source textInsel dispute in the South China SeaThe” Reef to the Fiery Cross “has – if you look from above – the shape of a ship. More precisely, that of an aircraft carrier.

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Fiery Cross Reef should not really be called a reef any more, because the accumulation of shoals and rocks has grown into a compact island mass in just nine months. Thanks to the many dredgers that constantly bring sand from the depth and pile in the right places. AufklappenFazitIn total, it can be stated that China has significantly increased its economic and political weight in the world since the beginning of the reform and opening policy.

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Nonetheless, Beijing is likely to remain a global economic power in the broader view, and will increasingly translate its growing weight into political influence. Especially in the military area January 2019 Calendar Singapore  and with regard to comprehensive design options in the internal  On the other hand, China will for a long time remain away from the status of a world power comparable to that of the United States.

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However, this approach, which because of its intrinsic lack of transparency is an integral part of Western China-Threat ideas, has gradually given way to the People’s Republic in favor of a January 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay more active and altogether very pragmatic foreign policy. In its foreign policy, China is formally following the traditional guideline of the 1954 proclaimed Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence: Respect for Sovereignty and Territorial Mutual Non-Aggression Mutual Non-Intervention in Internal Affairs.

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Equal Rights and Mutual Benefit Coexistence Despite Different Systems. In particular, they have mutual non-interference in internal affairs to the subject  nd take account of China’s high regard for national sovereignty. In practice, China is willing to work with any partner, irrespective of its ideological, political, religious, or otherwise ideological orientation.

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The only non-negotiable condition is the “one-China principle” claimed by the People’s Republic, according to which Tibet and Xinjiang belong to the Chinese state as well as de facto independent Taiwan. But unlike the US, China does not pursue a political mission no state adopting its political principles. Beijing, for example, is gaining political advantages in many developing countries vis-à-vis the Western world of states, which often associate development cooperation with demands for the good governance of their partners. In doing so, China generally prefers bilateral forms of cooperation in order to effectively exploit its economic and political superiority.

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In turn, it relies on selective multilateralism vis-à-vis major powers or groups of states, such as ASEAN or the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) formed with Russia and four Central Asian states. The UN is very important to China’s foreign policy in that China is on an equal footing with the United States. At the same time, the People’s Republic can distinguish itself there as a reliable major power and underline its commitment to world peace by sending around 2,200 peacekeepers in ten UN peacekeeping missions.

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However, China remains a rather cautious player in the field of international security policy. The high esteem of state sovereignty makes it difficult for Beijing to vote in the Security Council for sanctions or even the use of force to oppose civil wars or serious human rights violations. However, this attitude increasingly conflicts with China’s self-image of a responsible power.

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In cases such as Sudan, North Korea, Iran or Libya, China has always co-opted, after having done so often with Russia to mitigate it. China has not yet become an active player in international security policy; the political leadership is still looking for ways to reconcile the traditional principles of non-interference with the new demands of a global regulatory power. Limited military power.

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As the toughest instrument of a state to enforce its political interests, the military is commonly considered. With more than two million soldiers, the People’s Republic has the world’s largest January 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay armed forces, whose ever-increasing budget (around $ 132 billion in 2014) and extensive modernization program have been the subject of intense international discussion for several years. According to its White Papers published for almost 20 years, Chinese security policy is strictly defensive.

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In the autonomous regions of Xinjiang and Tibet, disadvantaged minorities are increasingly demanding that their interests be taken into account. The emergence of a society of modest but fairly January 2019 Calendar Marathi equitable wealth, which has been promised since the 16th Congress, remains a demanding task. Indeed, the implementation of this promise requires sustained growth of at least seven per cent per year and structural change towards more environmentally sound forms of economy and production.

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It is also clear to the current leadership generation around leader and party leader Xi Jinping that China can not meet these challenges on its own, but only in its continued and close integration with the world. However, the experience of China also remains with China Decline from high civilization to semi-colony in the 19th and 20th centuries continues to be very present in the collective memory of the People’s Republic.

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For more than a century, China has been subjected to invasions and land grabbing by external powers without being able to oppose it effectively. On the contrary, according to the Chinese reading, internal antagonisms, especially the struggle against the declining Manchurian Qing dynasty, provided for that inner weakness that made China the playground of external forces. In the long historical experience of China, a stable internal order and foreign policy weight are closely related.

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If chaos prevails inside, attacks from the outside are not far off, in contrast, internal strength ensures the best protection to the outside world. The outward strength just demonstrated by Xi Jinping thus also serves to strengthen the reputation of the political leadership inside – especially under the auspices of a nationalism that has been increasing in China for years.

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It was and still is spurred and cultivated by the various generations of leaders to form a new social bond for Chinese society after the end of communist ideology, but it often proves to be a double-edged sword: where (mainly for economic reasons) For example, in the territorial disputes with Japan over the Diaoyu / Senkaku Islands and with the neighbors in the South China Sea around the Paracel and Spratley Islands, consideration for nationalist upheavals in the country often provokes political behavior The 2013 air-ID zone in the East China Sea – at best perceived by international partners as robust, frequent enough but also aggressive.

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Again and again, Chinese leaders appear to be driven by the nationalist spirits they call themselves, which limit their own room for maneuver. Foreign policy maxims Even if China’s foreign policy is by no means uniform, and the actors in diplomacy, military, security, economy, and culture often pursue their own and sometimes even contradictory goals, a few guiding maxims can be determined in Beijing’s foreign outreach.

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After the sudden changes in the Mao years, the People’s Republic remained a wait-and-see and passive actor, as the country began to reform and open in 1979. Deng Xiaoping’s modernization had January 2019 Calendar Marathi triggered an unprecedented experiment, the course and outcome of which contained countless uncertainties and risks. In this situation, China should “wait for its time” and “claim no leadership” in order to dispel possible reservations about China and promote favorable conditions for its further development.

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For growth driven by industrial production and exports of goods, access to any form of resources and energy plays just as important a role as secure trade routes. The avoidance of dangerous conflicts or anti-PR Alliances is thus at the forefront of China’s foreign policy January 2019 Calendar Telugu agenda. But above all, China’s place in the world is at stake. In his self-image, China is the millennium-old “Middle Kingdom” (zhongguo), which suffered a dramatic decline, a “century of shame,” from the 1819 Opium Wars to World War II.

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With the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949, a “New China” entered the stage of world politics. Here it wants to be respected after the development successes of the last decades now as a player in the uppermost league of the international system and on equal terms with the other great powers – a claim, which the people’s republic demands more and more confidently. Domestic constraints Despite all obvious successes, however, China still stands facing a series of domestic challenges that also significantly influence its foreign policy activities.

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At the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI), China ranked 91 out of 187 countries in 2014, ranking only in the global midfield in terms of the quality of life and socio-economic status of its population. In addition, Chinese society is often divided. Although it was possible to overcome the most bitter poverty and hunger, at the same time there were grave prosperity disparities between urban and rural populations or the rich coastal provinces and the poor regions in the interior and in the west of China.

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The growing cities, with their job opportunities in the construction and industrial sectors, not only attracted around 200 million former farmers as migrant workers in often extremely precarious jobs, but also created growing social dissatisfaction. Although the Far Eastern state ranks second among the largest economies in the world, almost 1.4 billion people have to share this success.

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This, along with anger over corrupt cadres and authorities and reckless employers, repeatedly erupts in tens of thousands of uprisings a year. “Source text Social protests – a political challenge […] Every year, there are around 100,000 mass protests in China. The most common cause is land tenure disputes. Lease of land has become one of the most important sources of income for local governments.

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These have the power to confiscate land ownership from farmers in the name of “public interest” and to determine the amount of the compensation payments themselves. Even the city dwellers are no longer afraid of conflicts in order to defend their interests against state intervention. They protested against planned chemical factories or waste incineration plants, which are to be built next to their newly acquired condominiums.

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Through social media, China’s new middle class can quickly organize demonstrations with tens of thousands of participants. Aufklap The rapid economic growth in recent decades has also been accompanied by massive overexploitation of the environment, the January 2019 Calendar Telugu  consequences of which are increasingly affecting people’s living conditions. In addition, the Chinese leadership is facing demographic challenges such as an aging society as a result of the one-child policy and the resulting problems such as inadequate retirement provision.

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With increasing concern, many countries also look at the rising military spending of the People’s Republic for years (2014 about 132 billion US dollars) and the smoldering disputes between January 2019 Calendar South Africa China and Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines on island groups in the East and South China Sea – the The effects of possible confrontation in this region, which is so important for the global economy, would also be felt clearly in Europe.

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There is no doubt that China and the rest of the world are closely and indissolubly intertwined, for better or worse. The question is no longer whether, but how China’s way into the circle of the leading, the world politics largely according to their interests and ideas shaping forces will take place: in the confrontation with the established major powers of the existing international system, as the United States feared , or as a reliable partner in a propagated by China “harmonious world order”, which should be characterized by mutual respect for different cultures, cooperation and mutual benefits.

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Targets and interests of ChinaZur investigation of the foreign policy of a state is always first looking at its fundamental goals and objectives Interests that in the case of China are closely linked to the issue of internal development of the country. The era of internal reforms initiated by Deng Xiaoping from 1979 onwards was accompanied from the outset by the opening up of the isolated People’s Republic to the outside world.

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Without foreign investment, know-how and access to international markets, Deng’s modernization efforts would not have been possible. These were jedoc After the devastating turmoil of the Mao era, it was urgently needed to maintain the political order and the territorial integrity of China supported by the Chinese Communist Party. This achievement is also demanded of the present and future leaders of the People’s Republic.

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Holding together the Middle Kingdom is, so to speak, at the core of that traditional “Mandate of Heaven,” through which political rule in China has always been legitimized, and the principle to which the modern leaders of the People’s Republic remain committed.

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Against this background, it is not surprising that Dai Bingguo, the current State Councilor and foreign policy thinker under former party leader Hu Jintao, formulated China’s core interests as follows: first, the continuation of the political system and the preservation of national security; second, national sovereignty and territorial integrity; thirdly, the stable development of the Chinese economy and society.

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The central reference point in the strategic thinking of the People’s Republic is therefore China itself – however, this definition of interest also refers to external conditions: in order to further its internal development, China needs a stable and benevolent environment , This January 2019 Calendar South Africaapplies first of all to its regional environment, where China is constantly trying to dispel its neighbors’ worries about overly dominant behavior through the benefits of economic cooperation. However, as a result of its rapid economic integration with virtually all regions of the world, China has also developed interests of increasing global reach.

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The company uses this experience for the benefit of the customer by putting it in different ways Next-generation applications will select the right pad – extremely fast, with a very high reliability Blank January 2019 Calendar factor and greatly reduced release effort. The Knorr-Bremse subsidiary Microelettrica Scientifica, world market leader in the field of electronic and electromechanical control components for rail applications, will have its own booth at InnoTrans 2012 .

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At Stand 201 in Hall 17, the company will be presenting new products for a wide range of electrically powered vehicles. The product portfolio of Microelettrica Scientifica includes contactors, circuit breakers, power resistors, high-voltage converters and fans.Visit us at our stand 202 in hall 1.2 and experience the Knorr-Bremse world – we look forward to seeing you! The Knorr-Bremse Group is worldwide the leading manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles.

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As a technological pacesetter, the company has been driving the development, production, sales and service of modern brake systems for more than 100 years. Further product areas in the area of ​​rail vehicle systems are intelligent entry systems, control components, air conditioning systems, windscreen wipers and platform screen doors. In addition, Knorr-Bremse offers driving simulators and e-learning systems for optimum training of train crews.

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The range of systems for commercial vehicles includes not only the complete brake system including driver assistance systems, but also torsional vibration dampers and powertrain solutions as well as gearbox control systems to improve efficiency and save fuel. Hardly any world-political appearance provokes at the same time as many hopes and fears as that of the People’s Republic of China. In three decades, China has risen from being a poor, crisis-ridden developing country to becoming one of the world’s leading economic powers.

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In 2014, with a gross domestic product of approximately $ 10.4 trillion, the People’s Republic was the second largest economy behind the United States and ahead of Japan and, thanks to its foreign trade volume of more than $ 4 trillion, a key driver of the global economy. For years, China has been a global consumer of cutting-edge technology, investing in many industries and businesses, and developing outlets for its own increasingly high-end products.

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Especially countries like Germany benefit greatly from the close economic cooperation with China, which reached a volume of more than 140 billion euros in 2014. Not only with the founding of a “New Development Bank” announced in the summer of 2014 together with the other BRICS states Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, but also within the framework of the G20, China is increasing its weight in the international financial architecture.

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At the same time, Beijing is pursuing its energy and commodity interests are becoming more and more prevalent and are gaining influence through generous development aid and investment Blank January 2019 Calendar both in Asia and in many countries in Africa and Latin America. China is the largest emitter of toxic and greenhouse gases and is struggling – as the images from major Chinese cities continually demonstrate – with huge environmental problems as a result of its long reckless growth.

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The newly developed sand extraction sensor evaluates the amount of sand blown out without contact and reports the status of sanding to the driver. As a result, in many cases the time-consuming January 2019 Calendar Cute and costly manual controls previously required can be dispensed with. From the air conditioning sector, Knorr-Bremse is presenting a new, extremely flat air conditioning system from its subsidiary MERAK, which was specially developed for use in subways.

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The new system, which can be integrated into the roof of the car, measures only 290 millimeters at its highest point, thus taking into account the very limited installation space in subway cars. Thanks to a directly integrated in the air conditioning air inlet, an additional air supply through the sides of the car is no longer necessary. Due to its flexible structure, the system can be adapted relatively easily to a wide variety of customer requirements and different climatic conditions.

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The Knorr-Bremse subsidiary IFE, one of the leading manufacturers of train access systems, will present a modern and comfortable entry-level system at the InnoTrans characterized by a special sound and heat insulation. The system is also equipped with an intelligent two-part sliding step so that it can select the right entry aid depending on the platform situation. Unlike the passenger entrances, the new entrances for train drivers are equipped with a specially developed third sliding step.

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The locomotive driver can use it to comfortably board and disembark on open roads as well.Systems for the Whole WorldWith more than 80 locations in almost 30 countries, the Knorr-Bremse Group is represented globally. Thanks to its worldwide proximity to customers and markets, the company has products that meet the different country and region-specific requirements and have successfully obtained the respective national approvals.

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Product highlights at the Knorr-Bremse booth are the modified MBS XT brake control system Control valve KAB60, which was developed especially for the Russian freight traffic. The valve was refrigerated in a multi-year development phase for use at extreme low temperatures of up to -60 ° C. At the end of 2011, Knorr-Bremse finally received certification and approval for field trials in Russia.

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The company not only has control valves that comply with all the world’s standard standards, but at the same time offers valves that can be used in a wide variety of climatic conditions. In addition to a range of different brake pads according to the current UIC and AAR standards, Knorr-Bremse is exhibiting at the InnoTrans sophisticated solutions for high performance applications. For the first time presented to the public is the so-called whisper brake pad Flexpad Silent.

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This new high-performance brake pad combines a novel pad design with an intelligent use of materials and is thus able to largely eliminate the typical brake squeal for the first time. The special strength of the company in the field of brake linings lies in addition to its January 2019 Calendar Cute pronounced system know-how in the many years of application experience. Knorr-Bremse has a comprehensive database of over 1.2 million brake tests conducted over a number of years using a wide variety of friction and track profiles.