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It was a bogus issue that could be used well in the campaign.Finally, a look at the coming months: In which cities do you want to start next? Boss: We are constantly in the process of looking November 2018 Calendar Spanish at new cities that are for us and we are suitable for you. Unfortunately, I can not tell you exactly what they are. Digital technology does not replace the professor – but it can, if used properly, revolutionize the study.

November 2018 Calendar Spanish

Whether Webtutorium, multiple-choice quiz or digital exam: What sounds to many still distant future music is already present for distance students of the IUBH International University: Thanks to the most innovative technology, they can complete their complete distance learning at any time anywhere in the world.

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Multiple choice instead of memorizing : The Digital Index CardCentral component of a successful study is the optimal preparation of learning content. For this reason, IUBH students can access an app throughout their entire study period, with the help of which they can create individual flashcards in just a few minutes – on and offline.

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“In previous learning situations, I painstakingly wrote summaries, repainted them again and again and tried to visually prepare them so that you can remember them,” says Alexandra Burckhardt, who studies business law at the IUBH. Instead of dull memorizing, Burckhardt can use the app to display content as multiple choice cards: The quiz character gives the learning an additional playful attribute. Helpful advantage: Students can exchange their cards with each other and thus benefit from each other optimally.

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The exam is getting closer: Share online and find solutions Fast Everyone knows it: Shortly before the exam questions suddenly arise that seem to be vital and can not be answered alone. A special online platform that combines the functions of a Wi-Kis with those of a forum, provides a remedy: Here, faster and anonymous exchange with commitons is made possible, in addition IUBH tutors accompany the discussions.

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Oliver Schwellinger, who has a bachelor’s degree in financial management, particularly liked this feature: “If you bite your teeth off on a task, you can quickly ask for help here,” says the 40-year-old – and also pictures, for example to clarify the problem with attach. The forum is also well received by its ex-classmates: an IUBH study showed that 20 to 30 percent of the students participate in the platform – with comparable forums, participation is many times lower at around 3 percent Online exam.

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The big day has arrived, the preparation and approach to the exam must be meticulously planned. But it is also easier: As the only university, the IUBH offers online exams in addition to classical examination centers, which can be written anywhere, anytime, immediately November 2018 Calendar Spanish and with live exam supervision – that is always exactly when the student feels ready for a retreat , This technology even earned the university the title BEST OF 2017 at the IT Innovation Award of German SMEs and an “Innovation & Excellence Award”. The students also appreciate the offer: 98 percent would use this option again.

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Then the start-up will be launching its free carsharing service with about 50 street scooters, unlike its competitors, UZE Mobility will not charge a rental fee, instead the service will November 2018 Calendar Editable initially be financed by advertising on screens on the side of the vans Depending on the position of the vehicle, the advertising may be different. “If it drives past a football stadium, we will advertise sports shoes,” explained Thelen.

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“Driving through a residential district, we show the advertising for luxury watches.” On the displays In addition, UZE Mobility also wants to be able to see which stores nearby sell the advertised product Make other data that the car collects while driving. What is the condition of the roads? Where are new potholes? Where does the traffic stop regularly? Talks with several municipalities interested in such information are already underway, according to UZE Mobility.

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The online auction house Ebay has filed a lawsuit against Amazon: Amazon should have tried to lure eBay top sellers on its own marketplace. The lawsuit is based, inter alia, on statements by Amazon employees. According to an indictment filed by Ebay at a court in Santa Clara, California, since 2015, Amazon has attempted to systematically and coordinately recruit successful sellers from the online auction house to their own Strengthen sales platform, as reported by, citing the news agency dpa.

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To communicate with the sellers dozens of Amazon employees should have used the internal communication system of Ebay, which would violate the Ebay guidelines: There are no agreements on transactions outside the auction platform allowed. Ebay is now demanding injunctive relief, damages and fines. Amazon’s goal has been to convince successful Ebay sellers to sell their goods through Amazon’s Marketplace rather than Ebay.

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According to the complaint, the acquirers were aware that they were acting illegally: they should have used specific codewords and other concealment tactics to circumvent Ebay’s control systems. For example, in messages with the target persons instead of the name “Amazon”, they used abbreviations such as “AMZ” or other spellings such as “A-M-A-Z-O-N” to make it more difficult for Ebay to search using keywords.

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In addition, according to Ebay, the campaign had been co-ordinated internationally: In addition to the United States, the internal communications system had also been used in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Singapore.Pikant: Parts of the complaint are based on statements by Amazon employees, the have been involved in the actions. Ebay sent a cease and desist order to Amazon a month ago, according to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the incident in early October.

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Amazon told the newspaper at the time, they would investigate the allegations. Both Amazon and Ebay make money by charging commissions from sellers on their platforms. the rental bike startup Byke reopens – with electric scooters. The founder has with us November 2018 Calendar Editable  about thePlans in Europe and the USA spoken. German startups are already in the starting blocks, although electric kick scooters are still banned in Germany. They want to benefit from the e-scooter trend, which will bring little racers to the streets in Europe and later in Germany.

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The e-carmaker asks its suppliers for money and discounts. At the same time, former critics also prophesied that Model 3 could become a financial success. Despite layoffs and the ongoing November 2018 Calendar Singapore restructuring measures, Tesla continues to burn huge amounts of money. Not least in the effort to achieve the self-imposed production goals. For hundreds of millions of dollars, Elon Musk had an additional production line flown in from Germany.

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Currently, a number of factory employees are hired, who are now initially to build regularly 5,000 and soon 8,000 to 10,000 Model 3 per week. In the first quarter of this year alone, Tesla spent $ 7,430 per minute. Apparently, it is thus just really short in the wallet. For now Tesla has asked its suppliers for help.

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As the Wall Street Journal learned and Tesla has now confirmed, the e-car maker has asked the suppliers of vehicle parts of the Model S and Model 3, but to lower their prices. Also, they should please grant subsequent discounts for already paid and paid deliveries – and Tesla “well-known amounts of money” refund. These are orders that go back sometime to 2016. ADVERTISEMENT As Tesla writes in the requests, the discounts would be “essential to continue operations”.

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But above all, it would be an investment in Tesla and a chance to grow together. In fact, such negotiations between car makers and suppliers are not uncommon – but recoveries for long-standing business already. Whether already suppliers on thee request has been received or how many companies have received it at all, that is unclear and was not commented on by Tesla. However, there are currently also quite positive developments.

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The consulting and consulting firm Munro & Associates, which was initially critical of Tesla, has dissected and analyzed several Model 3 vehicles. According to the engineers, the installed components and components are of high quality and the overall construction of the car is surprisingly straightforward – and even minimalist. But above all, it is possible for Tesla to ultimately produce the Model 3 with a profit margin of 30 percent, if the production runs smoothly. Elon Musk had once set the margin itself by five percentage points lower.

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Or a few days ago, the Aachen start-up UZE Mobility announced its plans to lend electrical street scooters for free, for example, to DIY stores of furniture stores. And there are already new news from the company founders: With Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG, one of Daimler’s largest distribution partners joins UZE Mobility. The business model of UZE Mobility, ie advertising-free and data-financed free electromobility, has convinced LUEG.

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The Daimler distribution partner is investing one million euros in the start-up, which has already collected around 2.25 million euros in the pre-seed round. LUEG also joins UZE as an operational November 2018 Calendar Singapore partner. “If you want to be a big player in electromobility, you have to be fast,” says LUEG CFO Martijn Storm. The first test run is scheduled for December in the Rhineland, said Sebastian Thelen, Digital Director of UZE Mobility at the end of last week .

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After all, startups like Bird in the US are valued at billions. In Berlin, scene sizes with Go Flash and Tier Mobility are building up two scooter startups. But the two companies are not yet on the market. A third Berlin-based company is, which currently November 2018 Calendar To Print employs a total of 45 people. Its vehicles are already available in three cities, but not in Germany. The startup is led by Julia Boss, who used to work as a legal consultant for Rocket Internet. We asked them for their plans. New scooter startups are currently being set up in Berlin, wind is one of them.

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What’s behind it, Julia? Julia Boss: Wind is the e-scooter part of our shared mobility startup. In Germany, we have been offering stationless bike sharing under the Byke brand, while abroad we are renting electric scooters via In Paris, and just a few days ago in Madrid and San Diego, our vehicles are already on the road.

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How are you financing and who are your financiers? Boss: We’ve raised money from venture capitalists like many other startups. We do not comment on who exactly invested in us. (Editor’s note: According to the commercial register, 100 percent of the company’s shares in a company in the Cayman Islands.) In the US, scooter sharing is a billion dollar market.

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However, there are also problems. In San Francisco, for example, the vehicles were collected again. The reason: safety concerns. How do you want to protect the drivers of your vehicles and pedestrians? Boss: Our scooters drive a maximum of 25 km / h – depending on the specifications of the cities we reduce the speed even further. In addition, users can find tutorials in our app.

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The training shows how to use the vehicles properly. For example, they point out that you should always wear a helmet and should not drive in certain weather conditions. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with lights and a bell. E-scooters in the US: many serious accidents due to the electric scooter boom This summer, electric scooters that you can rent have become a trend in the US.

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He has now also reached the hospitals: They report of many … Read more Critics fear that scooters – similar to rental bikes – could clog the inner cities and sidewalks. How do you want to prevent that? Boss: In fact, there was never a rental bike chaos in Germany. What blocks the cities are the many cars. Nonetheless, in tutorials and through in-app notifications, we encourage our users to consider the scooters with care.

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ADVERTIS: By what do you say that? Boss: That’s what the cities promised in talks with us, even the city of Berlin, which had a very negative attitude towards bike-sharing providers. The fear of chaos on the sidewalks was unfounded. In some cases, however, November 2018 Calendar To Print the topic was used in the election campaign.How do you mean? Boss: In the mayoral election in Frankfurt am Main, the so-called rental bike boom was declared a problem – and a crackdown on how to campaign promises.

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For example, the personnel costs are higher and the measuring accuracy lower. “For the VR diagnosis, the researchers also use eye trackers from the Berlin start-up Pupils Labs. Gaebler hopes November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay to make further progress on the rehab project with wireless VR glasses such as the Oculus Quest, due to be released in 2019. The “VReha” makers have big plans.

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“We not only want to improve diagnostics, but also to turn the whole thing into a therapy procedure,” says Gaebler. “We do not say: VR is the absolute solution, so everything will be better. We just want to find out how VR-based diagnostics relate to the classic procedures. “It’s always more fun for the patient – and that’s not unimportant. Next year, the VW Neo, the first electric car to be developed on Volkswagen’s new electric platform, is due to arrive.

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The should not be a high-class luxury car, but an electric car for all. The price should therefore be around 25,000 euros. For many vehicle manufacturers, electric cars are still prestigious projects and the e-cars therefore not exactly cheap. The Audi e-Tron and the Jaguar iPace are priced in the basic version with around 80,000 euros.

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The cheapest variant of the Tesla Model 3 is 45,000 euros. The current Nissan Leaf is after all to have for 30,000 euros. With real cheap power supplies, however, quite serious compromises in size and range have to be made. However, as VW has now indicated, this is the result of the VW I.D. developed VW I.D. Neo – whether that’s the final name, is still open – be different.

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VW wants to award soon e-cars worldwide In the coming year VW wants to roll out a worldwide car sharing service. It should be used solely e-vehicles. However, the Group has to face tough competition.ReadmoreThe Neo will be the first Volkswagen to be built on the completely redesigned MEB e-drive modular system. And this is not only to enable electric cars with long range, high efficiency, but also a low price.

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In fact, it should give the Neo in its basic version with the smallest battery for just under 25,000 euros, as Edison has learned. Overall, there should be three battery options that allow a range of around 330, 450 and probably up to 600 kilometers. However, according to Christian Senger, head of the E-Mobility series, these figures are not yet final. The VW E small car with up to 125 kW can be loaded. In terms of speed and performance, the Neo will be offered in at least two different configurations.

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Where the car is not to compete with a model 3 or similar e-vehicles. The dimensions of the car should be about 20 centimeters longer than the current VW Golf, which he will replace in November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay the long term. Above all, it should be a reasonable e-car for the masses. The pre-sale of the VW Neo will, so far information, start in late 2019. It would then be in full width and international in 2020. fvesbar will be tight again at Tesla.

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“Our hypothesis was: Emotional experience is related to brain arousal. The stronger a situation emotionally arouses, the lower the signal component in the alpha frequency band, “says Gaebler. “We actually November 2018 Calendar Marathi found that in the VR experiment and from the amount of alpha waves we can predict the emotional arousal”. The connection could therefore also be confirmed under more lifelike conditions.

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The study (working title: “Neurophysiophenomenology – the neurophysiology of subjective experience during a virtual rollercoaster ride”) has not yet been published. But it shows that VR technology can help validate and extend neuroscience results in more realistic experimental setups. How research with virtual reality could lead to intelligent prosthesesWhat happens in our brain when we move?

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You do not know much about it. Now researchers have found a new way to measure our brain activity when we are in action. Read moreVR is also gaining importance in therapyVR should not only enable better research results. It is also becoming increasingly important in therapy. For example, VR is used in the treatment of US Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) soldiers: soldiers experience traumatic war situations in VR again.

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In other exposure therapies, patients are also confronted with their fears, such as spiders or abysses. VR is particularly well suited for this, because it simulates the content without any great effort – and because the therapist is not necessarily there. In Germany there is “VReha”. Several large research institutions are involved in the project, including the Berlin Charité, the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute Berlin and the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, where Michael Gaebler is researching. “VReha” started in December 2017, the project will run until November next year.

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“We are developing VR applications ourselves,” reports Gaebler. The goal is for patients to use these apps themselves – and to help researchers better diagnose what cognitive limitations are. After a stroke, some patients do not remember everyday things, such as what they wanted to buy or how to get home from the grocery store.

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The standard tests are often too old and abstract Such cognitive limitations, according to Gaebler, are much more difficult to diagnose than limitation of the musculoskeletal system, such as paralysis. “The standard tests are also often old and very abstract. Quite often, these are paper-and-pencil tests in which subjects, for example, have to trace a complex line drawing.”The researchers are therefore developing VR apps in which patients solve specific tasks. In a spatial memory task, the subjects see, for example, a desk with objects such as paper, punch or pencils.

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These items are taken away and need to be rearranged as before. In the test, in addition to VR glasses and the gesture control Leap Motion is used so that the interaction with the environment November 2018 Calendar Marathi  as natural as possible. “We have complete control over the VR world and can measure patient behavior in detail,” explains Michael Gaebler.”We know exactly how long the patient spent on the task, what mistakes he made, and so on.

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The device stores the minds of all people in huge databases. The Netflix series Altered Carbon also sends greetings. Michael Gaebler is skeptical that thoughts can be precisely measured November 2018 Calendar Telugu or even read – at least for the foreseeable future. “Mind-reading experiments attract the greatest media attention,” says the researcher from the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig.

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“In these experiments you try to reconstruct what people are thinking or what they are feeling, for example, to predict decisions.” These are beautiful experiments, Gaebler says, but they have very small effect sizes. “And you’re still a long way from being able to predict that reliably. There is always a lot of noise in these measurements. “Gaebler does not believe that research will do it during his lifetime.

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“That’s why I’ll definitely have enough to do,” he says, smiling. And in his research focuses on Virtual Reality.VR allows more lifelike stimulation Gaebler focuses on current neuroscience challenges. For example, the question of how to objectively measure subjective, complex experiences. Gaebler considers the previous experimental arrangements to be immature. “Emotional tests often show subjects black and white static images of annoying or sad faces – hoping that it will trigger emotions while measuring their neurophysiological response.

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” The problem is these tests are highly artificial. Gaebler believes that Virtual Reality allows much more lifelike stimulation in laboratory experiments: “Mental phenomena such as thinking or feeling and their biological counterparts are easier to measure.” Said, done. With his colleagues Simon Hofmann, Felix Klotzsche and Alberto Mariola, Michael Gaebler developed the following experimental setup last year: Subjects were given an Oculus Rift, and their brain waves were measured by EEG – and their physical reactions were also measured.

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The content served a VR roller coaster ride, which is conventionally available on Steam. This experimental setup has two advantages: First, the notorious VR-SIn such a setting, people rarely experience imulatory disease because users have the roller coaster car as a visual “clue”. You will not be so bad or dizzy. In addition, it is easier to measure the brain signals, because the subjects move less than in other VR Experiences.

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Probanden judge their experience with a rotary knob The researchers recorded now what the subjects saw during the ride. Then they were replayed the records. With a dial, the subjects could now judge how emotional the VR ride had been for them. “Then we linked the physiological data we measured at the moment of the roller coaster ride with these self-reported emotional values,” says Gaebler.

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The main physiological data is provided by the so-called alpha waves of the brain waves. For explanation: groups of brain cells synchronize their electrical impulses in different frequencies, “alpha” describes the frequencies by about 10 hertz. Research has known the alpha rhythm for about 100 years, because it is particularly November 2018 Calendar Telugu  well measurable on the skullcap. The signal is especially strong when you close your eyes; if you open it again, it goes back. Fewer alpha waves can therefore be used as a measure of higher brain arousal or higher brain arousal.

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However, the digitization of the school needs sufficient funding. School No. 114 is looking for her in various competitions and projects where there is the possibility to get a new device. “We have November 2018 Calendar South Africa seven projectors that we use in class. Yes, it is expensive, but an artificial skeleton for the biology classroom costs 17,000 hryvnia (about 532 euros, A.d.Ü.).

November 2018 Calendar South Africa

Would not it be more economical to use the technologies that would show both the skeleton and the rest? “The pediatrician, head of PediatrPlus Clinic AndrijPenkov believes that the child is a new reality with a gadget in his hands. The pediatrician is convinced: “Children are  Aran accustomed to receive information in this way, and that does not harm the health.

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Remember how we were warned in childhood: Do not read so much books, your eyes get worse. Reading smartphone screens is no different than a paper book. Looking at the screen or projection in class, it’s the same as looking at a blackboard, “but there is still a threat – the specific addiction.” The kids are getting used to games, videos, social content Networks that are constantly changing. That’s because there’s nothing interesting in real life. Here parents and teachers have to make a lot of effort to make it more interesting all around, in the classroom, at break than in front of the screen, “advises AndrijPenkow.

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Over time, digital education will be as common as lighting at school, my experts say , So you have to prepare not only for the positive effects of progress, but also for the negative ones, such as online copying, which OlexandrPapisch referred to above, or the dangers of the digital world.The scientific staff of the Tallinn Technological University, Birgy Lorenz tells How to teach cyber security to children from first grade in Estonia: “We want them to understand what’s online and what’s offline. That they use complicated passwords.

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From the sixth grade onwards, when the children spend a good deal of time on social networks, they must have a trained critical mindset. You have to distinguish what the truth is and what is not. From seventh – ninth grade, they help the teachers themselves. And at the time of graduation, we are sure that the students are knowledgeable and conscious citizens. “Engineering pioneers like Elon Musk promise an interface between the brain and the computer.

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But we are still a long way from reading digitally our thoughts, say brain researchers. However, there are other ways to better understand our brain with new technologies – with Virtual Reality, for example. Even stroke patients should benefit from VR. The project sounds spectacular: Elon Musk wants to connect the human brain with a computer – and enable a command and data exchange between the two.

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Soon he will announce “something interesting” to his startup NeuraLink, Musk recently promised. Will the billionaire succeed with high-tech and concentrated researcher power, which November 2018 Calendar South Africa neuroscience has been trying for a long time – to precisely measure human thoughts?In the long run, Musk even wants to create a neural lace, as it appears in the cultural cycle of science-fiction author Iain Banks.

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Google’s Expeditions AR program “creates” planets and volcanoes, DNA strands and lungs right in the classroom. All of this triggers a major student response and requires only one smartphone. In Ukraine, there are no trainings that would teach the teachers to Blank November 2018 Calendar create the augmented reality. There have been seminars where it has been told that such an interesting technology exists and at some point we will use it in the future, says Ivan Ivanov, but that it will be sometime in the future is a myth. That is today.

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Familiar terms Not only futuristic methods were offered to Ukrainian educators. Special attention has been paid to the things that have become part of modern life, but still remain outside of school, such as online education. The project manager of the EdEra online education studio OlexandrPapisch, the online courses for users does not seem to tell anything new in principle: “We are incorporating a big topic in micro-topics.

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Each micro topic is examined, then the knowledge is checked by means of tests or creative tasks. Each phase consists of three stages – pre-thinking, implementation and self-evaluation. We are pursuing similar projects in other countries and can say that there is no better approach to online education. “According to EdX (an open access interactive courses platform, founded by the Institute of Technology Massachusetts and Harvard University), the optimal duration a video in online education six minutes.

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“Longer is just boring,” says OlexandrPapisch his experience. “If shorter, you just do not have time to explain the material. The maximum video length with us is ten minutes. According to the educator, such a format is fun for children: “It is very pleasant to read such short comments as” cool “or” full blatantly “. So the child has benefited.

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“In online education, educators sometimes behave like some children:” Teachers were taught a course and the tasks were all the same. And the right answers began to spread across the network. Starting with the third module, we had to do all the important tasks for everyone. “Ukrainian realitiesSince the 1990s, the school No. 114 in KryvyiRih dedicated a lot of attention to the latest technologies.

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“We use Kahoot !, Plickers, LearningApps, and from this year’s EdCamp we brought the Wallame idea and augmented reality,” says director LyudmylaChorkowa. School No. 114 has been the leader of the city in terms of educational methodology, work with gifted children and other assessments for the past five years. The director believes that technologies play a key role here. “We do not fight gadgets, we use them. Gadgets attract children and we can not do anything with bans.

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You have to focus this curiosity on education. For example, in the Classroom of History, we sized up the size indicators of the eminent personalities, and next to each size ad is a QR code. With the Blank November 2018 Calendar help of the smartphone, the child can scan the code and come to the article about that personality. “After all, children read the textbooks and the fiction on screens – so it is more convenient for them.

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You have to buy the interactive screen separately. However, the system also works with the usual pair of “laptop beamer” and can be operated with the mouse. For the students who want to use November 2018 Calendar Cute the software at home or with their own smartphones, there is a student version, which costs 1,280 hryvnia (about 40 euros, AdÜ.)

November 2018 Calendar Cute

Per year. The co-founder of Peter Torok believes that this is for schools It would not be an additional expense, but a way to save money: “The material supply of the schools costs quite a lot, has a limited number and deadline for their use. In biology class, for example, one learns anatomy with the help of plastic models of the human body. But not every school, especially a rural school, can afford such a model.

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Nevertheless, it is possible for them to buy a projector and then use a digital model. You can turn it over, disassemble and collect, and observe the animation of the processes that take place in the human body. With the same projector you can also show many visualizations in history, physics and chemistry classes, etc. “More than two hundred.

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Ukrainian schools have bought MozaBook, mainly in Lviv. Peter Torok says that the process of acquiring the new technology is easy because the software relies on the available textbooks: “We add 3D animations, various visualizations and exercises. The teacher does not need to spend much time creating his own presentations, he can follow the textbook and its structure. This is not a change of paradigm, it is a tool.

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“In addition to reality” Take out your smartphones “, asks the founder of the Center of the new education, author and developer of the platform” UMITY “(an educational platform, in Ukrainian this means “Can”, AdÜ.) Ivan Ivanov teachers. He tells them about new possibilities offered by the augmented reality. What was the game of Pokémon’s search just a few years ago is becoming a powerful and somewhat gamified method of imparting knowledge.

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Ivanov demonstrates how to use such apps to entertain augmented reality like Wallame in education. Wallame allows to photograph any wall with the smartphone and leave a picture or a message there. An object created in this way is passed to econnected to the image as well as to the geographical coordinates. Another person using the app sees the message icon on the map. However, she can only find out what is standing there when she is pointing the camera at this wall.

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Ivan Ivanov suggests using a different surface instead of a wall, for example a sheet of paper or a picture in the textbook, instead of additional instructions or playful messages even leave the links to articles, videos and the like. Wallame is just one of the examples November 2018 Calendar Cute of how augmented reality can be an instrument in education. The University of California, Los Angeles proposes an interactive projection of the topographical map, which can be used to learn the landscape, create mountains and valleys and observe the behavior of water in nature.