December 2018 Calendar Telugu

December 2018 Calendar Telugu With Holiday

“A significant number of signatories is filled with the same manuscript, even signed with the same manuscript,” the minister said, adding that they were accepted if the names and surnames and¬†December 2018 Calendar Telugu the corresponding OIB were correct on them He also asserted that a large number of identical signatures clearly indicated in the reasonable doubt that the same data were used illegally in both cases .

December 2018 Calendar Telugu

All noted irregularities have indicated that the Law on Referendum has a lot of shortcomings, it needs to be improved in order to enable a better and better realization of the constitutional right of citizens to pronounce themselves directly in a referendum, “Kuscevic announced, announcing legal changes next year.

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He invited all interested civil society initiatives and associations to express their interest in the control of incorrect signatures to the Ministry of Administration. According to the journalist question whether there is an opportunity for the initiative to sue the government if they consider it to be lawful or discriminated, Kuscevic replied that “everyone can sue anyone if he thinks he is damaged and it is up to the court to assess whether this will be considered.”

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After a very successful first edition, for the next two months in Zagreb will be held a new, second in line edition of RTL’s Digital Shapers. The goal, like last year, is to gather numerous participants in digital transformation, to show the best examples from practice and to present concrete solutions for companies. That’s why, on this occasion, prominent domestic and foreign experts will speak on the most current topics and developments in digital processes. The conference will be held on November 29 at Kaptol Boutique Cinema from 10 to 17 hours.

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Digital transformation or the fourth industrial revolution is aware of the change in the way business is done with the help of digital technologies, and is still one of the key topics of the modern economy. It inter alia influences the efficiency of the process, increases transparency of data and helps companies strengthen their position in the market.”The world at the global level is going through a series of changes caused by digitization, and we realize that a serious transformation of the media, the economy and the whole society is inevitable.

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The second in a series of Digital Shapers conference, we want to continue to contribute to discussing the digital transformation in Croatia, pointing to successful Croatian examples, and at the same time allowing domestic companies and individuals to learn from examples of great international speakers and experts and to connect with them, said Henning Tewes, CEO of RTL Croatia.

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Alex Zagreb, one of the founders of the marketing agency, Officer & Gentleman, is best known for working for promotional campaigns for Pornhub for years, followed by Vidar Andresen, the digital transformation guru, a domestic audience since last year already December 2018 Calendar Telugu a famous digital strategist Evangelos Papathanassiou and other prominent experts.This year, as part of the conference, Digital Shaper Year, a person or company that has contributed to the digitization and change of Croatia by its work, will be selected.

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