February 2019 Calendar Marathi

February 2019 Calendar Marathi Blank

The construction industry is the pillar industry in the development of our country. Hot spots and new pressure growth points. Housing has China’s new consumption of 80% of the use of plastic February 2019 Calendar Marathi pipes by 2010, China’s new residential indoor PVC pipe, Tsuen that eliminates the traditional cast iron pipe. Building wire thread 90% of the use of plastic pipe, wall 50% of the use of plastic pipes, indoor water supply pipes and heating pipes with flexible plastic pipe ratio of 30% and 20%..

February 2019 Calendar Marathi

The use of plastic pipes in urban gas pipelines is 20%, and the use of plastic pipes in urban drainage pipes is 15%. By 2010, China’s urbanization level will reach 45%, tap water penetration rate will reach 95% (villages and cities will reach 65%), gas penetration rate will reach 90%. By 2010, the plastic pipe in the national pipeline market share will reach 50%, can construction art .

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After its use, the material pipe can be subdivided into: drainage pipes, water pipes, rain pipe (rain pipe), gas pipe (gas pipe) and electrically sets pipe. ① at delivery will not throw out, rolling, pulling. In winter, when handling should be placed lightly, when lifting the use of mechanical equipment pipe lift you need to use non-metallic to lift rope (strap) .② When transporting the pipe, place it on a flatbed car with a baffle or should be placed in a shallow cabin, and there is no way to damage the coats of arms of the pipe.

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It will be bundled and festivals with non-metallic rope (band) and sunscreen die③ fittings, valves should be sent joy, should be stacked through layers of neat, solid and reliable, and anti-rain measures.PVC pipe, pipe and valve storage process: >> accordance with the provisions of the cloth should be: ① pipe, pipe fittings and fittings should be stored in a well-ventilated storage location or Xu inside. Protect from heat, and should use sunscreen, rain measures.②

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It is strictly forbidden to mix with oil or chemicals.③ The pipe should be stacked horizontally on the flat support or on the floor. If the straight pipe is stacked in triangular shape or stacked on both sides with the support of rectangular stacks, the stack height does not exceed I. 5m: If the straight bamboo is stored in a multi-layered shelf, the height of each shelf should not exceed Im.February 2019 Calendar Marathi Free Printable February 2019 Calendar Marathi Excel

The total height of the stack should not exceed 3 m. First, the choice of pipe and equipment 1, the choice of pipes and fittings conform to existing national standards (such as flaring machine, etc.): GB15558.1 (2003) and GB15558.2 (1995). GB15558.2 has been improved but not yet published. Proposed Recast GB15558.2 before publication, pipe fittings should also meet the international standard ISO8085 and European standard EN1555.2, should avoid the use of high-density.

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PE80 raw materials (such as HE3470-LS) production of pipe and hotmelt butt joint But should use the density of PE80 raw material extraction of pipe and hot melt butt joint. The melt flow rate high density February 2019 Calendar Marathi PE80 raw material is much lower than the melt flow rate of medium density PE80 raw material, with potential compatibility problems.

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